Who we are

Teamflow is a virtual office helping remote workers feel like a team again.

It shows your video in a bubble on a virtual office floor plan — you can move that bubble around, like in a video game, and only hear people around you.


So your team can hang out in this space, and when you want to chat with someone, you can just walk over to them and say hi, just like you would in real life — no more Zoom-scheduling nightmare.

We came out of stealth in January via a blog post and a TechCrunch exclusive, raised $50M from top VCs (including Menlo, Battery, Elad Gil, SV Angel, Lachy Groom, and Coatue), and started onboarding teams to a product we built in 3 months with a team of 6.

We all get along very well, morale runs high, and we're building extremely fast.

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Apply by emailing [email protected] with your résumé.